Times shown are in Eastern Standard Time

Mid Day Mecha
200pm: Gundam Wing
245pm: Neon Genesis Evangelion
330pm: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
415pm: Ghost in the Shell

Guns, Babes, Babes with guns, and some Gungho Guns
500pm: Trigun
600pm: Cowboy Bebop
645pm: Space Dandy
730pm: Outlaw Star
815pm: Black Lagoon

Swords much much after Seven Thirty
900pm: Samurai Champloo
945pm: Berserk
1030pm: Sengoku
1115pm: Claymore

Midnight Comedy Block
1200am: Boondocks
1245am: Lupin the III
200am: Shin Chan
245am: Cromartie High School

Anime after Dark
315am: Baccano!
400am: Highschool of the Dead

445am: Gantz
530am: Mushishi
615am: Shiki
645am: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherood

Times are as accurate as possible, feel free to report any innaccuracies to make this channel better.

Schedule will rerun until 2pm when the new schedule starts.

Schedule is subject to change and is always open for suggestions.